Do you have Old Coins For Sale?

wish sell?No photo description available.

I am interested in purchasing old SA Coins/FOREIGN SILVER COINS

South African union silver coins dated 1923 to 1960

R1 coins dated 1965 to 1976No photo description available.

5c,10,20c, 50c (ONLY COINS dated 1961 to 1964

Z.A.R coins dated 1892 to 1897No photo description available.

I also buy SILVER FOREIGN coins of the world.

Please contact Michael for current South African Price list or visit the website for more info.

Specialist in valuing and helping you with inherited coin collections.

CASH PAID for all your unwanted silver.No photo description available.


Whatsapp: 083 5910 102

I collect in the Cape Town and surrounding areas.

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